Alem Ethiopian Village

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Came here for the vegan lunch buffet. The food was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to have so many options on the buffet.

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My husband and I had the vegan sampler (can't remember it's exact name, but it was vegan) and it was absolutely delightful. It's fun to figure out how to eat with the special sour dough flavored pancake abundantly served with it. Good news for people who need gluten free items, the bread/ pancake is gluten free! We couldn't finish it all, but we tried really hard. Highly recommended, we'll be there again soon!

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I went to Alem Ethiopian Village for dinner last night, and I have to say I thought it was quite good. My girlfriend and I got the vegetarian combo platter for 2, just to try a bunch of different things at once. I thought having such a combo on the menu was a great idea, as many people (including myself) aren't extremely familiar with Ethiopian food. Everything was delicious and very flavorful. Though I loved the chance to try many different items at one time, my favorite (as well as my girlfriend's) was the Yemiser Wot. When I return, I will probably just order this entree for my meal.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to any vegan who is in the area, as the vegan options are many (they even mention this right on the front page of their web site), the prices are more than reasonable, and the food is delicious.

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We ordered a vegan platter for two. It was delicious for the most part. It was like a sampler of many(or all, not sure) their vegan dishes, on bread with the bread rolls and salad. It was really good. Most of them were delicious, only one or two were kind of bland. There must have been like 8 or so scoops of different things on there. Overall, it was very very good, and something different to try. I recommend it.

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I have been trying to get to this restaurant for a few months and boy am I glad I finally made it. This has got to be my all-time favorite Ethiopian restaurant. The food was not only extremely flavorful and well-priced, but they had more vegetarian selections than I've ever seen in any other Ethiopian restaurant.

My mother and I shared the large combo platter for $15.95. It was enough food for two people, but I'm greedy so I wouldn't be opposed to getting the combo for 2 for $26.25. This platter had about 9 different items on it and all of them were good. The yemisir wot (lentils) and gomen (collards) were especially good but I was astoundingly impressed with the shimbra asa, which is a specialty that is not always featured. It's a spicy chickpea dough cooked to look like a thick fish stew. It was part of the combo platter but is also offered as its own main dish.

We also shared an order of sambusa (lentil and onion-filled fried roll). My mom really enjoyed it but I thought it could benefit from a sauce and would have preferred the filling to be a smooth paste, versus whole lentils.

We also had the Ethiopian tea, which was a delicious homemade tea, and not a Lipton teabag, as I've seen in other Ethiopian restaurants.

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Becoming one of my favorite local restaurants the vegetarian menu is well appointed and tasty. I didn't realize that beans and peas could be a comfort food until I started dining here. The service is excellent. I just think that the decor could use a bit of sprucing up. Other than that you can't go wrong here.

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