Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine

Seattle, Washington


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I haven't had Thai food in a long time, almost entirely because it's hard to find Thai places that can modify their dishes to exclude fish sauce or shrimp/anchovy paste. As such, Jhanjay Thai was a wonderful find, as the food here is authentic and wholly vegetarian/vegan.

The service was extremely friendly and prompt and my water glass was never got under half empty. The atmosphere is classy and cozy and I could see this place being a regular go-to spot for so many locals.

My friend and I split a few dishes. We started out with a tom kha soup ($5.50) which tasted like the real deal and had a goodly amount of lemongrass. Next we shared a basil-chili stir-fry with veggie meat ($10) and a yellow curry with tofu ($9). Both the main dishes were tasty and filling and well-executed. My only gripe is that they really skimped on the amount of tofu and veggie meat they give you; the basil dish had maybe five pieces of veggie meat (which was like chicken) and the curry came with only four small pieces of tofu.

Jhanjay is good to offer brown rice (and very high-quality brown rice, at that), though I didn't realize until I got the bill that they charge an extra $2 per person for brown rice. That's a bit steep, though this rice was high-grade stuff and not ordinary.

In conclusion, Jhanjay serves great vegetarian Thai food and is definitely recommended.

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