London, England


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Best vegan restaurant I've ever been to!
The Vitao is a cosy little restaurant in the heart of London and it's easy to find. The food is absolutely superb (although I would have prefered warm wood at the buffet) and there are a lot of different dishes.
Also the VEGAN CAKES (brownies, muffins etc.) are fantastic! If you're in London you should definitely go there! The staff is very friendly as well ;)

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Unfortunately, I didn't get to try their raw food. We got there at about 6:30, & were told that the raw menu wasn't available for about another 20 minutes. (Why? It's not like they had to cook anything.) We were both really hungry, & had to leave for the theatre fairly quickly, so settled for the 'buffet'. It's not really a buffet as such - you make your selection, & they serve it out to you. They're pretty stingy with the portions too. The food wasn't too bad, but was fairly bland. If I ever go back, it'll be later in the evening to try the raw food.

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