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London, England


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Best lasagne ever!

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Quite good but not very special food. Cheap but not very big portions. Very crowded so be prepared to share your table! Quite many vegan food options. Nice desserts even though the most of them are not vegan.

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This place had solid English desserts and a decent stir-fry type of dish. The prices were reasonable, though the place is crowded and hard to move around in. Also, they accept only cash, which was a bit of a problem. I'd recommend it for a light snack, but definitely not during peak hours.

The location and decor and service are all Dickensian---you tell them what you want, they slop it into a bowl or dish, and then you grovel over to a table. I felt like Oliver Twist, asking for gruel after a long-day at the smokestack.

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