Cue at the Guthrie

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I went there twice and the food was horrible for the price and the amount! I did love the environment because it feels like ghosts are around you, but I absolutely hate it! Don't go!

rating star

I went to Cue this weekend, remembering that the last time I was there they had one pasta dish that could be made vegan. When I sat down I realized they had changed their menu (which they do seasonally) and that item was no longer on there. I explained the situation to the server and she was so great! She talked to the chef and he said he'd make me something totally vegan off-the-cuff. What came out was fantastic: veggie stuffed roasted red pepper on top of wheatberry rice, all in tomato juice. It was FANTASTIC and beautiful. Anyway, while the menu is anything but vegan friendly, they were more than accommodating and the food was well worth it!

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