Chautara Restaurant

Madison, Wisconsin


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Chautara is partnered with Himal Chuli, and it represents the more meat-centric side of the spectrum, while Himal Chuli is more veg. There are plenty of veg options at both places, but the veg items are listed second at Chautara, with fewer choices, and first at Himal Chuli, with lots of them. Chautara is a safer bet when you're dining with omnivores, as they will probably be more comfortable with the atmosphere and choices. If you're with your veg friends though, go to Himal Chuli. The quality of the food is the same, in my opinion, quite good.

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I love this place. My favorite vegan diner because of the large selection. They have a GREAT tomato tofu sandwich - vegan fried vegetable battered appetizers - generous servings - always some left to bring home - and many different vegan choices. Most places don't have the kind of food i like but this one is a big favorite for me. I do not think the one next door has the variety of vegan choices or the flavor. But the all menu link above does not have the updated menu - there are many more choices than shown on that link. It opens at 11am and don't get there until it has been open at least 30 min. - it is not fast food.

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I was impressed by the options, and thoroughly enjoyed everything I had to eat!

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The food here is good and fresh, but it's not totally different from its next door neighbor (and sister restaurant), Himal Chuli. Chautara seems to be of an upscale version, which accepts credit cards, and is a good place to take a date. Prices are on the higher side, but Himal Chuli has become more expensive as of late, so either one is a good bet if you're looking for Nepalese-Tibetan food.

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