Taste of Africa

Hanover, New Hampshire


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Their food borders on the great, but it's only available packaged at the co-ops, or at the farmer's markets (at least in Norwich). They used to have an actual restaurant, and I wish they would open one up again - that would be great!

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The food made by Taste of Africa is some of the best vegan food in the Upper Valley area. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find it when it's freshly made (the Lebanon and Hanover Coops sell "African chickpea meals" and other vegan boxed meals made by Taste of Africa, but you have to buy them from the refrigerator case).

During the summer, there is almost always a Taste of Africa booth at the Norwich Farmers' Market. They usually have samosas, coconut rice, warm chickpeas in a delicious sauce and clove lemonade (all of which are vegan).

In addition, it is possible to have warm Taste of Africa meals delivered to your home via their catering service. However, the orders must meet a minimum of $75. Otherwise, you have to arrange to pick up your meal from them. Their website advertises that they can make a wide range of vegetarian/vegan fare from countries and regions throughout Africa.

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