Village Green

Jerusalem, Israel


rating star

fresh and high quality dishes, many of them vegan, which are bought at the counter then taken to your table. a tad expensive.

rating star

Great place, not exclusively vegan but mostly so. Quite expensive in my opinion, but highest quality in vegan places I ever found in Israel. If you're vegan and in Jerusalem is a place to go often.

rating star

Because of Kosher food laws, vegan food in Jerusalem is all over (you're really missing out if you haven't had a falafel pita in Jerusalem, by the way). That said, as a vegan vacationing in Jerusalem, I was still compelled to return Village Green multiple times.

The restaurant operates like a buffet, but not an all-you-can-eat buffet. Vegan options are clearly marked with a big, green "V" on their name tags and the vegan desserts are out of this world. The vegan chocolate cake, in particular, blew my mind.

The restaurant is situated in a lively part of the city and outdoor seating is available. The prices are a little higher than average, but I wouldn't call them extraordinarily expensive. Highly recommended.

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