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Denver, Colorado


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Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Not to mention AMAZING mostly-vegan menu! Don't forget to grab something from the bakery on your way out as the all-vegan bakery is delicious as well.

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This was like walking into a northwest style vegan eatery. the style of customers and staff was border line neo-hippy/ hipster the enviroment was the same. It was nice to have vegan options that weren't soy product on soy product with some fried soy product as a side. The Food was tasty, the service was good. The waitress could of explained to us what we were ordering for a 2 and a half year old was a bit artsy and not just a tray of fruit and veggies, but over all service was good and food was excellent.

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We really enjoyed this restaurant before the new menu. I hope it stays as good as it was. The new menu can be found here

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It's extremely delicious and they have friendly staff.

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