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Brooklyn, New York City


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I may be the oddball in Brooklyn, but I am SOOOOOOOO sick of the same menu at all of these so-called pan-Asian restaurants. You get the exact same thing at Vegetarian Ginger that you get at Red Bamboo that you get at Vegetarian's Paradise 2 that you get at Soy and Sake, etc. etc. etc. Everyone uses May Wah faux meats (which are great!) and it seems like they all add the exact same sauces and vegetable mix.

My first time here, I had the General Tso's chicken lunch special, as the waiter recommended it, but I wasn't too impressed with it. The soy chunks were deep fried and tasted a bit overcooked and chewy. I was also disappointed that the meal only had 3 pieces of broccoli, I definitely wanted a more even balance of faux meat and veggies. The flavor was good, but it would have been nice for the spice to be evenly spread throughout the sauce, versus having dried chilis, which were very hard and super spicy when you eat them directly, versus having their seeds blended into the sauce. The wonton soup that it came with was delicious, and you can't beat $5.95 for a lunch special. That said, the portions are smaller than at many other restaurants, so if you're really hungry at lunch, you may need to order two dishes!

My second time here, I had the spring rolls (very good), scallion pancake (so-so), and some special of the day that had thick rice noodles, mixed veggies (mostly broccoli), and seitan, and this dish was very good. There was a really good ratio of veggies to noodles to faux meat, and the flavor was great. The meat-eating friend I was with, had some of my meal and she couldn't believe how good it was.

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