Woodland's Vegan Bistro

District of Columbia, USA


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I really liked this place and it seems like Dave and I had pretty similar experiences. They had a great mix of fried, greasy hot food (fried "chicken", mac and cheese, lasagna) and healthy cold and raw food (cucumber salad, raw marinated kale, etc). I ordered the greens, mac, and fried vegan chicken. I loved the collard greens, and the fried chicken breading reminded me VERY much of KFC (what I remember of it!), but I wasn't really impressed with the mac and cheese, which is apparently what they're known for. It had chunks of tofu/soy cheese or something and didn't have a ton of flavor. I guess I prefer smooth, creamy saucy cheese. I also had the cashew nog shake, which was a cashew and coconut shake and it was pretty tasty. I also tried my stuffed shells (looked like lasagna) and it was incredible. Wish I had ordered that! :)

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I tried the collards, mac'n'cheese, and the fried chicken sandwich, as well as a sticky bun.

The collards were the best collards I've ever had, bar none. I'm not sure exactly how they were prepared, but it was magic. I also loved the fried chicken sandwich. The chicken was a very thin slice, and the batter was amazing. This was fried to order so it was fresh and delicious.

The mac'n'cheese was okay, but I can make something better myself. The macaroni was a bit soft for my taste, and the sauce was a little bland.

The sticky bun was fantastic. It was soft, chewy, and just perfect.

Best of all, the food is ridiculously cheap. I went with two others and the total cost for our meal was $35, and we got a fairly large amount of food. You could easily eat a meal there for under $10.

The service was friendly, although a little confusing initially, mostly because their system of ordering and paying is a little different from most restaurants. Obviously, this is a one-time problem.

Next time I come to DC I will absolutely be coming here.

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Huge menu with small portions so it's easy to try a lot of things. I had the marinated kale salad and the veggie sub, and both were tasty. The service was both helpful and a bit aloof. I'd love to come back lots of times and try everything on the menu.

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The best vegan food around, period! The "fish" sandwich is awesome. They have a huge variety of sides to choose from and the cakes are delicious. I've never tried anything there that I didn't like.

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Excellent raw food and cooks foods.

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