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I went here for lunch with friends a few days ago and was impressed - and slightly overwhelmed - by the huge and extensive menu. The menu was pretty faux-meat heavy, but they did have a few all veggie dishes.

We started with the quinoa sushi (nori rolls, avocado, mushrooms, red quinoa, carrots), which was really good. We had to request wasabi (odd) and were given an odd a thin wasabi mixture that looked/tasted like it was mixed with tahini. It was good, but different from what was expected. We also had the "yam flour crecents" with tarter sauce, which were basically friex faux shrimp. The description had me expecting some fancy new take on faux seafood, so I was disappointed to get the same deep fried faux shrimp I've had a million times, but the shrimp was very good and makes for a good-sized appetizer, or entree if you're into all faux meat and no veg or starch entrees.

For my entree, I had the Bun Hue, which was a tofu/veggie/rice noodle soup with fresh mint. I normally order pho in Vietnamese restaurants but I wanted to try something new. I enjoyed the soup and would have it again. I tried my friend's pho, which was prepared well, but my friend and I both found it to be bland. It tasted like they used a very simple veggie broth, instead of a rich "beefy" broth, which is required for pho. It also lacked the fresh jalapenos, bean sprouts, and basil, that pho is known for (we had to request sprouts). Finally, I sampled my friend's sizzling tofu, which had a good sauce and a good variety of veggies. I'm not a fan of soft tofu (even if it's friend), but I would enjoy the dish if it had firm tofu or just veggies.

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The International Vegetarian House is a superb restaurant and all the food is VEGAN!
A wide variety of cuisines, styles and flavors, there is something for every one. And the food, oh my it is out of this world! Many dishes include meat substitutes that have the tastes and textures without the cruelty of course and without the health problems associated with eating animal flesh. Highly recommended to all tastes, you will not be disappointed, guaranteed.

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Two quick notes about Vegetarian House -

1) The food's good. Very good. Focuses a bit heavily in the menu on "faux meat" for my tastes, but it is all vegan and well prepared, spice level can be adjusted, etc.

2) The ambiance might be a bit off putting. The "Supreme Master Ching Hai" is the spiritual leader of the place and it can feel a bit overwhelming for the nonbeliever. Just ignore the big framed portrait and the ads for the tv channel of the master, focus on the food, and all is well.

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Vegetarian House is interesting place if you cannot decide what you want. They mostly Asian inspired dishes, but they also have Italian, Indian, American and several other dishes on the menu to suit your fancy.

In addition to tasty meals, appetizers, and fresh squeezed juices they have many homemade desserts including: tiramisu, ice cream, flan, cheese cakes.

From what I understand all items area vegan, but the server will let you know about any issues when you ask.

I had the clay pot delight an mushu rolls. Very tasty.

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Visited here for the first time on 10/30 and it certainly won't be the last time :) Food was excellent! Terrific selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Each dish that we tried was really tasty and the quality/preparation was superb. I look forward to my next visit.

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Isn't Ching Mai? Anyway this place rocks, both for takeaway and dining in. The stuffed tofu is to die for and the soups are excellent!

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