Zephyr Vegetarian Cafe

Los Angeles, California


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The Mutherfuckin' Works burger is mutherfuckin delicious. So messy. Pricey, but worth it if you've got the cash. All vegan menu with raw options.

rating star

I love everything about Zephyr! The food is delicious, for how much money it costs (think of it like vegetarian fast food, rather than a cafe or restaurant). I get something different almost every time I go. I think my favorites have been the Works burger and the tofu terriyaki bowl. Their pastries are good too1 It has a very communal feel. The decor is really cool and interesting. It kind of reminds me of the bars in former East Berlin. The workers are not overly friendly, but pretty chill. It is a good place to go with friends and eat, and then have coffee or drinks and sit for awhile (make sure to check their hours, though-sometimes they close a little earlier). I think that it is the only all-vegetarian restaurant in Long Beach, which has helped to make it pretty popular.

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