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Vegetarian soul food take-out

Food Court or Street Vendor

"As veggie burgers began to pop up on the menus of many fast food restaurants, it was readily apparent that no one had consulted a vegetarian. Besides, who said fast food couldn't be whole food?

With this thought in mind, our founder, a vegetarian and soul food lover, realized that there could be something better. Taking dishes from his own kitchen, he created Vegisoul for people on the go.

Since 2004 we've been delighting our customers with such signature soul food creations as The Stuffed Yamm™ (vegan), Vegetarian "See Food" Gumbo™ and fusion dishes like the Afu Ahh™!

Every dish at Vegisoul is 100% vegetarian. Over 90% of our menu is vegan with many soy-free options. We use no microwaves, no heat lamps, and no MSG."

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I always order the same thing when I come here. It is the pineapple jalapeño burger (vegan) which I think is a steal at $5 and quite tasty as well. I'm pretty sure the patty is a simple "Gardenburger Veggie Medley" patty but the pineapple and the jalapeño make it special. I love to add the greens on the side and get the spicy ginger lemon drink to wash it all down (not for the weak!). I tried to leave a tip on my togo order once and the girl said "thanks, but we don't accept tips." Crazy!

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