Garden Wok

Los Angeles, California


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This place is right up the street from me, I enjoy lunch specials. Mostly the Orange Veggie Chicken (Vegan)...all food is vegan except for I believe the fish (vegetarian)

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I love this place, I have been visiting since it opened. The staff is excellent and friendly, the food is A+. Sherry the owner and cook is warm and accommodating, most dishes can be made vegan and if you ask, she will tell you. Communication can be rough @ times and sherry's husband does not really speak much English (or any?), very nice guy.
Must try the drumsticks, the cashew chicken with soy is the bomb and the twice cooked veggie pork is fantastic. One really impressive aspect to the cuisine here is that they try NOT to use too much oil, so you taste the food. I live in Culver City and even traversing the 405/101 it's worth the drive.

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I feel really lucky to have eaten at Garden Wok. Although it is in Tarzana and I wish it were a little closer to the Westside, still it is worth the drive. A delicious appetizer we started out with was the won-tons with a hot chili sauce and had them boiled instead of fried. Our soup was the hot and sour and was traditional and good. Next we shared the "chicken" cashews which had a delectable brown sauce and fresh (not overcooked) veggies. My favorite was the Szechuan fake pork dish.
Highly recommended! The pictures are from our meal and yes, it was that good. If you've been missing some good (mostly) Vegan Chinese food in the Los Angeles area, this is it.

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