Central Vegetarian Cuisine

East Bay, California


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While I don't want the place to be too crowded when I go, I would like to see this place thrive for many years.
Not sure if I've ever had a dish that I didn't like, and I've eaten at Central Vegetarian many many times.

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I love this restaurant and am surprised more people haven't discovered it. The food is VERY tasty and colorful. Service is attentive and friendly. I recommend this vegan restaurant highly.

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Having lived in Alameda for twenty years and been a regular visitor for ten more, we were pleasantly surprised to find a vegetarian restaurant in a city not known for embracing vegetarian fare. The food was excellent as was the service and we were only sorry we found this delightful eatery on our last day in town rather than on our first. Everything was fresh and tasty, the waitstaff was efficient and helpful, and the restaurant was sparkling clean. We will return as quickly as we can.

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