Molly's Cupcakes

Chicago, Illinois


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Great vegan cupcake, limited vegan variety

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By far the best vegan cupcakes I've had in the city. The cake is super dense and moist, and the icing isn't too sweet. I only wish they had more vegan options-right now you can only choose between chocolate and vanilla cake and icing, which is strange to me because the cashier told me the owner is vegan.

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Molly's a cool, cozy little coffee shop in a nice neighborhood. The interior is bright and it even has a counter area (with swings!) to sit with some cupcakes and the newspaper.

They only offer two varieties of vegan cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla, but they're good ones. The chocolate one ($2.20 with tax) decadent, moist and delicious; that said, they're also very dense and I had one non-vegan friend say he thought they were too thick and heavy to really compete with a "real" cupcake.

If Molly's had a few more vegan flavors this place would be an absolute gem. As it stands, it's pretty rocking and a good place to check out.

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Molly's has two kinds of vegan cupcakes currently - vanilla and chocolate. They're pretty good, a bit dense, and the frosting has improved since I first tried them out. Hopefully they will add more vegan desserts in the future.

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