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This is a lovely, practically brand-new vegan soul food and Mexican restaurant in downtown Inglewood. It's not the nicest area of LA, but I appreciate the social commitment of the owners who wanted bring business to an economically-depressed area, and provide healthy food options at that (the owners, both in their late 50s, look twenty years younger than they are).

The service is excellent, enthusiastic and friendly (they give free sample tacos to first-time customers). The interior decor is modern and funky.

The food, particularly the tacos, are delicious, light and fresh, filled with either wild rice or wonderfully-spiced, firm, diced tofu, along with vegetables like lettuce, avocado and tomatoes.

My friend loved his jerk tofu sandwich. I liked my deluxe quesadilla, but was not impressed with the side greens, which were covered in a too-strong lemon sauce.

Our raw mango pie dessert was refreshing and not too sweet. The crust was too crumbly, though, and I didn't like that it came in a plastic container.

Portion sizes are decent, but prices are quite high ($10-11 for most dishes, and $5 per taco; desserts were $7 a piece). Worst off, this place is cash-only, so make sure to bring a wad of bills if you are a heavy eater.

All in all, this is a great, tasty joint in an area that needs it. Recommended.

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