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veg-friendly grocery and deli


Perelandra, which opened up in 1976, is a mostly vegetarian natural food store that stocks many organic and vegan products, including fresh produce, bulk grains/beans/nuts, frozen novelty products, and packaged goods.

Perelandra also has an organic juice bar and deli counter, featuring mostly vegan options, including veggie chicken salads, sauteed veggies, and pre-made veggie wraps. Note that sometimes the items are almost vegan but contain casein in the cheese, or the faux meat has egg whites, so check to be sure deli items are vegan.

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Perelandra has a great selection of vegan packaged and frozen goods and it's a nice addition to the neighborhood. They also have a lot of organic and natural products and usually offer 20% off their vitamins and supplements.

While the deli usually has interesting menu items, many of them are almost vegan but not quite, which is really annoying. I was in their yesterday and they had a soy chicken sandwich with soy cheese (which contained casein). They also had a veggie tuna wrap (that contained egg whites). They came so close on a number of items, but many of the strictly vegan options were limited to really simple stuff like a plain veggie wrap or tofu salad. They did have one vegan chocolate chip bar, which was nice.

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