Moroni & Brothers Restaurant

District of Columbia, USA


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I first went here in 2008 and was blown away that I could get a vegan pupusa. Many places pre-make them so I don't have many options, or they make it vegan, it will just only have beans and zucchini, which isn't terribly interesting. I stopped in again this weekend and was again impressed. My favorite pupusa was the soy cheese and spinach but the bean pupusa was also good.

My friend and I also got a pizza with soy cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and pine nuts. It was one of the menu options but I don't recall the name. The menu listed it as having parsley, so we thought it would be fresh like fresh basil is often a featured ingredient. However, our pizza only had dried parsley on, which was a little disappointing.

The first time I was here, I remember the staff being super friendly and accommodating to about 25 of us that just walked in and took over the restaurant. This most recent time, the staff was reasonably friendly but not very attentive. The server goofed up my order, probably because she didn't write it down (she came back twice to confirm my order, so I am not surprised she goofed it up). It was pretty annoying and she didn't seem to care about the mistake, but she then brought me the two pupusas I originally ordered at no charge, which was very nice.

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