Cat Man Do Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The food was amazing! The jackfruit dish was so tasty and interesting. I tried several other dishes, and I liked them all. The atmosphere was quiet and serene. The service was fine. I'll definitely go back.

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Atmosphere: 3.0
The restaurant was clean. The space was somewhat small, but not overly so. It was a tad too informal for my taste, but it was really awesome that they had a patio area where you could eat (when it isn't covered in snow!).

Service: 3.5
Friendly, quick, and definitely vegan-friendly. The only gripe I had was that the tea came when the food did, and though that wasn't a terrible wait, it was chilly out and I wanted to get something warm in me while I waited for the rest of the meal.

Food: 3.5
Good -- and intriguing! Though most of the dishes on the menu looked fairly standard, the jackfruit curry drew my attention. As well it should have. I've never had anything with jackfruit in it before, so I can't compare this to others, but I thought it was very tasty, and the jackfruit definitely added an interesting texture to the dish. Aside from that, we had the momos which, while good, were not absolutely flooring. The portions were average, but came with rice, and the prices weren't too steep.

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After trying jackfruit for the first time at Himilayan last year, I just had to try it again at CatManDo last night. I ordered the green jack curry (spicy), which came with white basmati rice. The dish was wonderful, with a good balance of vegetables, sauce and spice.

I tried my friend's chickpea curry but it was pretty plain. It would have been better spicy, but even then, it would have basically just been chickpeas and onions on rice. We also tried the cauliflower curry with potatoes and that was very good. We had an order of puri (deep fried bread), which was only $2, and I found to be very good (but I'm no expert, so I can't really compare it to puri elsewhere). We shared the veg samosa appetizer, which was very good, but I found it to be slightly more expensive ($4.50) then samosas elsewhere. The order came with two fairly large samosas, which may very well justify the price, but I tend to prefer smaller appetizers that you can order in multiples if you'd like more, or to make it easier to split among three people.

We dined in the patio, which was lovely on a warm evening. There were flowers and plants all around, which really added to the atmosphere. The service was nice and the we didn't have to wait too long. The only downer was that they were only had enough jackfruit for one order (which is why my friend ordered boring chickpeas instead of also getting jackfruit).

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I stopped at Cat-Man-Do today for lunch and had pakora, the eggplant curry, chickpea curry, and a black eyed pea/vegetable soup. I thought that the eggplant curry was one of the best executed I've had in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The eggplant was roasted to the melt-in-your-mouth stage and the flavor was great. The chickpea curry was similarly delicious and was my niece's favorite.

The pakora was basically flavorless so I would not order that again. I dipped it in the soup to make it palatable. The soup was full of bamboo shoots and other vegetables and is worth trying.

The restaurant is small but ambient with an outdoor patio. The patio was quiet yet I think there was only one server and we waited a long time for our drinks/refills. I ended up refilling my own glass with water from the bottle in my bag. Otherwise the service was friendly and the water wasn't that big of a deal.

I like the service and workers better at the Himalayan in Minneapolis but would definitely go to CatManDo again if I was in the neighborhood.

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Cat-Man-Do is the fourth, and newest, Nepalese restaurant in the Twin Cities. It's a nicely decorated space with an outdoor patio as well.

I tested out some standard dishes here so I could compare Cat-Man-Do to the other Nepalese restaurants in town. I started out with an order of samosas ($4.50) which were flavorful and well-done, though not the best I've had in the Twin Cities (the best are at Delights of India in Minneapolis). Next I had a jackfruit curry ($8.95) which was also well-prepared; jackfruit is a delicacy in South Asia and looks like a cross between tofu and chicken and serves as a good "meat" for any dish. The portion size was large, and the price for the dish was two dollars less than what Everest on Grand or The Himalayan charge for their jackfruit dishes. It also had some nice distinguishing touches, such as roasted onion and red chilis.

My biggest issue with Cat-Man-Do was the slow service. I was the only customer in the restaurant initially, but the server didn't seem to care to take my order and so I waited at least ten minutes to actually place it. More customers started piling in and the place got half-full and now the solitary server was bogged down; my food took another ten minutes to arrive and I waited at least twenty minutes to get my bill, get my card swiped, and receive a to-go box for my leftovers. The service was friendly, just extremely slow and inattentive.

Also, I was given only a 10% discount for being an Minnesota Public Radio member, though the site says I should receive 15%. Given how slow the service was, I didn't want to stay to ask questions, but it's frustrating nevertheless. It's also not the first time I've been jipped on my MPR member discount by a Nepalese restaurant in St. Paul (see my review of Everest on Grand for more info).

Ultimately, Cat-Man-Do is a decent place with good food at cheaper prices than The Himalayan, Everest on Grand, or Namaste Cafe. Its food is nearly identical to the food you get at The Himalayan or Everest on Grand, but Cat-Man-Do is the better value for your money. Namaste Cafe is the odd-man-out; most of its food is not as good as the other restaurants, but it serves killer chai and some delectable appetizers and desserts, which the other three don't.

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The best Himalayan food in town! This is an amazing restaurant. The food is delicious, better than the other Himalayan restaurants in town, and that is saying a lot because they are all excellent. The family who runs it is wonderful, the atmosphere is lovely...and, they just expanded their menu! You must try this. I have tried all the many vegan options and none of them disappointed me, they are all so tasty! Very vegan friendly, good portions and good prices, and EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!

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