Cam Rahn Bay

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I've been to the Burnsville location various times, and have always been pleased. It's always quiet with an open table available, and the vegetarian menu has many different options. The vegetable spring rolls are fresh, light, and full of flavor. The vegetable lo mein is delicious, and the egg yoo young has always been one of my favorites.

rating star

I fell I love with the tofu at the Eden Prairie location which was next to my work but then they opened the Burnsville location which was near my home and I became an addict. Even though I live in the cities now, I still make the trip to one of their locations for special occasions. The hot and spicy tofu is my favorite and I rarely get anything else! Deep fried crispy tofu covered in a sweet thick molasses like glaze with crushed red pepper, lemon grass and onions. Very sweet but very addicting. Best to eat only a bit then take the rest home- It's so rich! They offer a great lunch special with a few options, one of which is the hot and spicy tofu. It also comes with a cream cheese puff, rice and a veggie soup (make sure they know you are vegetarian or they will bring one with pork in it).
The Burnsville location has a lot of seating and is rarely very busy.

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