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One of the very best raw menus anywhere in the country. They also have a cooked, vegetarian menu, which, by the way, is also one of the best I've ever had. I'd say it's on par with "Quintessence," in NYC. Few raw menus are as memorable as these two restaurants.

I've taken groups of friends here that do not eat vegetarian or raw, and so far everyone has loved it. Many keep coming back, it's that good!

The restaurant is so popular they have doubled in size (purchased the place next door to expand)! Lines sometimes build out the door. The food is spectacular as is the ambience.

I recommend the Humanese Soup (best raw soup) as well as the raw garlic bread (amazing), the donut holes (possibly the best raw desert I've ever had, and the most creative) as well as "Da Bowl" salad. But you can't go wrong no matter what you order. And the cooked "pho" soup is superb because the base is made from fresh anise.

:-) ENJOY!


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Its a fun place, if you can go on a week night its less packed. Their raw stuff is awesome get the pasta di amore, its an eating experience. Get the raw chocolate for desert, I could live off those alone. The people there are really nice and if you have questions they don't mind answering them. I am there at least once a week.

i believe they closed.

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He is NOT a Zen Buddhist. He's a Christian who's taken a self-imposed vow of silence because he believes that when we talk, we don't listen, and our ego gets in the way of love toward humanity. He challenges our dividing language by calling us Humanese. And he sincerely hugs every person who enters and leaves. He has the gift of making every person feel special and that they are his favorite person. The food reflects his love and peaceful life.

Yes, the service is spotty at times. But the staff, mostly young Vietnamese immigrant students who are also going to school full-time, are trained (or not trained) minimally by the owner who doesn't even assign them to sections. Thus, with random servers stopping by to take orders and deliver food, the service suffers.

However, it is the BEST raw restaurant ever. I have been to ALL of them in California. All the raw food chefs/owners/personalities gravitate there when they're in town for a reason.

The Vietnamese cooked food may not be up to par; I have no idea. But the raw menu is thorough, tasty and highly unusual. You'll find no faux pizza here!

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I use to love this place 2 years ago, but it has changed. My order has been wrong several times, they did correct it and gave me something extra and apologized. The food is not as good, was informed that Vietnamese food is very salty, I do not like salt. Menue has changed. Will not go there again. Took a friend there when she came to town, she hated it.

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Au Lac is the most amazing raw vegan restaurant I've been to. Originally starting as a Vietnamese restaurant there is also a cooked menu still available. Au Lac has been recently remodeled and has a lovely contemporary ambiance. It is managed by a Zen Buddhist who has taken a vow of silence yet he communicates with staff and customers. The raw menu is out of this world. The presentation is beautiful. The entrees and deserts are amazingly delicious. This place can inspire a person to "go raw." The dishes are incredibly tasty. Anyone, not just veggies and vegans, will love Au Lac so bring a friend to inspire!. Try the house special dessert "chocolate ecstasy", it boggles the mind how something so tasty can still be good for you.

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