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The Waiter&Waitress Were Excellent Help, Friendly Smiles All Around. I Started With The Appetizers of Tacos (bomb.) Especially If Your Into Sour Cream, They Have A Magical Vegan Mix With Theirs. Then I Went For The 'Chicken' Fried Rice, The Soy Protein Was Soft And Fluffy, So Delicious. Meanwhile Sipping Down A Vanilla Shake (Best I've Ever Had) and to top it off got some Maggie mud ice cream, big portions all around I'm just fat and eat a lot for a 130 lb kid. So Stuffed, So Satisfied. Recommend The Service Here!

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Herbivore is pretty much your generic vegetarian restaurant: modern decor, tattooed waiters, the same vegan versions of American food and vaguely Asian dishes that appear on the menus of many a similar restaurant. The difference is that Herbivore does it better than most. I had two meals at Herbivore (breakfast and dinner) and both times I found the waitstaff to be attentive and the food to be better than average.

For dinner, I ordered a pasta dish that came with lots of veggies and was served in a vegan lemon cream sauce. The pasta was decent enough, but I felt like I could have made something similar myself.* For dessert, I ordered a vegan doughnut (which wasn't very good) and a bowl of decadent chocolate coconut Maggie Mudd ice cream (which was VERY good).

For breakfast, I couldn't decide between two menu items, so I ended up ordering both. The corn cakes were delicious southwest-style pancakes made from cornmeal, filled with pieces of corn, bell peppers, onions etc. They were served with vegan sour cream, guacamole, salsa and black beans. My second entree was even better - three vegan dessert crepes, filled with blueberries and baked bananas, drizzled with a coconut milk sauce. I managed to inhale both entrees, something that I don't normally do.

After these two experiences, I would say that if you have a choice between eating at Herbivore for dinner or for breakfast, definitely go for breakfast. The dishes are much more exciting.

*Note: A friend of mine told me that I just ordered the wrong dinner entree. According to him, the "soy chicken shwarma is the only entree worth ordering." Ok, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but coming from someone who has eaten there dozens of times, it's probably not a bad idea to try the soy chicken shwarma.

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I really liked Herbivore. The service was super-attentive and efficient. The ambience is nice. My "chicken" sandwich was delicious and filling, with unusual flavors of garlic-lemon sauce. I also loved the vegetable-protein taco appetizers. I hadn't had quality vegan Mexican food in a long time, so that was a treat. Finally, they had Maggie Mudd ice cream, which was a great dessert. On a whole, the food and service were great and the prices were reasonable, too.

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All vegan, all awesome. Lots of variety on the menu...reasonable prices.
Hands down best veggie restaurant I've been to. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert,'s all delicious. My favorite: the two soft tacos listed under appetizers. The ceviche is another fun choice. (And oh!! They have awesome PANCAKES. It's hard to find vegan breakfast yummies :)
Cute restaurant, and service is fast and friendly. I can't say enough good about this place!

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I went to Herbivore-Valencia two years ago when I was in San Fran and I liked it. I went at some weird hour when there were very few people there and the atmosphere was mellow and nice. The food was very good too.

I went again this year at 9pm and it was filled with people. There was only one empty table. I liked the atmosphere a lot; it was very lively but not loud. The server was super nice; he put extra effort into getting our group a table. I just got dessert this time -- Maggie Mudd ice cream. Ultra super yummy stuff! I tried both the lemon poppy seed and the coconut chocolate fudge and they were both really really good. My only complaint is that the ice cream -- priced at $3.75 -- was way way too much for one person. They should serve smaller portions, so you can go there alone and get some a bit of yummy ice cream.

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Update 7/17/05: I visited Herbivore again last night and have changed my rating accordingly. Dinner last night was much better than my previous experience. The sauteed mushrooms (appetizer) were amazing! My entree, wasabi soba noodles, was good, though not outstanding. (I had expected more vegetables and a bit more spice.)

Service was prompt. Unfortunately, the music was really loud and made conversation a bit difficult.

- - -

I was looking forward to Herbivore tonight, as I'd heard good things from San Fran natives. (I'm from out of town.) But I was sadly disappointed, as was my husband. The menu wasn't very exciting to begin with. Lots of sandwiches and pasta, and I had been hoping for something more substantial. But that's not necessarily something negative about the restaurant--I may have enjoyed those menu items if they had been what I was in the mood for.

Anyway, my husband ordered the veggie burger, and I got veggie tacos and "seasoned potatoes" (not realizing that that meant french fries). The burger was good, as were the tacos. Though the tacos were so overstuffed, mostly with lettuce, that the other veggies (tomatoes, onions, etc.) fell out onto the huge plate of unadorned lettuce that came with the tacos. (Why was there so much lettuce?) The "seasoned potatoes" were sorely lacking. They were greasy and soggy, and not really seasoned.

I think we may have been there at a bad time; the restaurant was very crowded and the servers were busy. Perhaps as a result, service was unattentive (though fast). We never got the coffee we ordered.

I think that I may just have been there on a bad night, as so many other people I know really like this place. And the last time I was in town, I had breakfast at the other Herbivore location and really enjoyed it.

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All I had here was an appetizer, but it was fantastic! It was cheap, and the ambiance was lively but not too loud.

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Mmmm. The breakfast menu is so great and all the food I've had there has been delicious (vegan pancakes, tempeh bacon, and vegan breakfast burrito). The prices seem a bit higher than they ought to be, but that won't stop me from returning to try more of their dishes.

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I feel bad that Suzanne (the prior reviewer) didn't have a better experience at Herbivore. I really like the potatoes, and I've never had them soggy, so I think she must have hit an off night, as she says. I have been there about five times, and never have hit a bad time, but I guess it happens. I hope you'll give it another chance Suzanne!

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Herbivore is my all-time favorite restaurant in S.F. If for no other reason, they have THE BEST gnocchi!

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See review for Divis location.
When is this location going to start serving brunch??
Their chocolate and carrot cake are the best. A must have!

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Food is excellent, bright/beautiful decor, reasonable prices... If you're there for the food, this is the place to go! Service is occasionally lacking...

Not sure why someone listed the prices as $12-$18. Sandwiches average $6, with pasta and other dishes being $8-9. Wide range of appetizers, too. Vegan cakes, pies, and cookies also available.

Near 24th street BART.

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Upscale yet casual environment, consistently great food.

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