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Gourmet vegan dog, cat, and ferret food


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As a long time customer and lover of animals, I just wish to express how happy and deeply satisfied I am with this amazing vegan pet food product made by Evolution Diet. This company is by far offering the best quality product out there, because they believe in what they do. They are generally moved and passionate about loving and caring for your animals health and wellbeing, that is why they are providing this great healthy product. I feel thankful how at Evolution Diet they go beyond the call of duty to spend time with you on the phone and answer any questions you may have, their customer service is a breath of fresh air making it personably . Thank you to Eric for taking the time to ask about my pets, their ages. It is very nice that they offer health advice and over the phone support for any aliments that your furry friends may be dealing with. Please love and care about your pets by offering them the very best, nutrient rich foods give them Evolution Diet pet foods.

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I only tried the cans, but they were a hit! My cats eat Benevo dry as their main food, with Ami dry as a snack twice per day. I really wanted to get a wet food they liked as none of the 8 would touch the Benevo Duo (my sister's dog enjoyed the other 23 cans!) and only one likes the VegePet mix. I'd rather it didn't have avocado in it, but since I only give it as a treat, I can live with it.

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