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They've made a lot of efforts to make more vegan food here. The new menu has about 10-15 items that can be made vegan (and a large majority, vegetarian), but you need to be willing to ask. The end of the menu has a little blurb about how a lot of things, when requested, can be made vegan.

They have a vegan cupcake once a week that I've had. It's usually a boring flavor (chocolate a lot of times), but it's as good as any other cupcake I've had, vegan or not.

The front of house staff (when I was here), wasn't that knowledgable, but they were willing to ask someone that knew.

The lady I worked with had some knowledge of what vegan meant.

The food itself is usually a little salty. In my case, it wasn't the hommos or slaw or bread, it was the marinated tofu. That being said, I'm surprised how tasty the sandwich was.

Not an amazing value, but I find it encouraging they're willing to accommodate and are adding more items.

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cupcake now has "vegan mondays" according to the guy i called on the phone and has a couple of vegan options including vegan cupcake choices on mondays. i'm going to check it out this coming monday and will then update this review.


we finally took the time to visit this place. i told them it would be nice if they had more than one vegan cupcake, but it sounds like they only regularly make two kinds, chocolate and lemon.
i had the chocolate cupcake because it was the only one they had that night. it was pricey! (2.95 for a teeny cupcake) but once i bit into it, i definitely tasted the reason why. the frosting was INCREDIBLE. i asked if they would divulge what they put in it to make it so tasty and they would not. i was expecting that though. :)

i'd really enjoy it if they made more vegan cupcakes. it would be great to see some artistic ones like the regular ones in the display case that were vegan.

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I very much appreciated the atmosphere, but that was about it. The staff was unaware of the ingredients in the cupcakes and not too interested in checking. They didn't have balsamic vingear for salads, just non-vegan dressings. Again, the staff didn't know if the bread or baguettes were vegan, so the hummus plate and PB&J were out.

Before going vegan, I was extremely disappointed that the chai was a powder mix and not the real thing or even a concentrate. It wasn't that great, and it's not vegan.

The location isn't great and maybe it's just me, but I wasn't sure where to park. There's a lot of potential here. If they had a couple of vegan cupcakes, this place would be a hit! I won't be returning.

Recommendations for improvement: add vegan options, mark items that are vegan or can be made vegan, get real chai, have an ingredient list and make sure the staff is aware of the ingredients.

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On Mondays Cupcake offers two varieties of vegan cupcakes. I had a Luscious Lemon cupcake ($2.95) and it was quite good: moist; soft; subdued flavor. They also had a chocolate cupcake.

While I think $2.95 is extremely pricey for a cupcake, especially considering the size of the thing, the quality was good. But why do they only have vegan offerings on Mondays? How about every day? Cupcake could fill a niche in an area that doesn't have much by way of vegan baked goods.

The cafe is cozy and well-decorated. Kudos to Cupcake for creating a quaint, quirky environment, with comfortable indoor seating and a good amount of outdoor seating. I must also give praise to them for having high-grade loose-leaf tea from TeaSource.

That said, their only vegan food option, aside from the cupcakes on Mondays, seems to be a hummus sandwich which is so mundane and commonplace that I can't applaud them for it.

The location of Cupcake is also not ideal as it's at a particularly vast stretch of busy four-lane University Avenue and is up a huge hill for anyone coming from campus.

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In the description for this restaurant the place is described as "marvelously vegan-friendly" and I would have to completely disagree!

Some of their cupcakes and sweets contain GELATIN. The counter help doesn't really know what ingredients are in their products, so if you don't want to consume gelatin, you might want to ask specifically about that ingredient, and if a baker is not around, you may not get an answer (don't ever expect to find a VEGAN dessert there).

They do NOT offer a vegan chai, the powder mix they use contains dairy. I don't know if all their breads are vegan. I suggest you ask if their is honey, egg, or dairy in them if you're interested.

There are a few vegetarian entrees/sandwiches on their menu, and usually a vegetarian soup during lunch, and on rare occasion a vegan soup. Anything vegan I've seen on their menu is rather boring and bland.

If you are vegetarian I think you will be mostly satisfied, but I'm vegan, and I say, don't go there if you want something sweet, or a satisfying meal. If all you're looking for is a nice latte with soy milk, or some tea, they've got you covered. That's about all I ever get there anymore.

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On Mondays, Cupcake has vegan cupcakes!!! From what I understand, it's something they are going to try out to see how it goes. If they get enough positive feedback about them, maybe they would start having them more often or all the time or something. It's definitely worth checking out. The lemon one I had was divine. The vegan cupcakes are not labeled, so if you go in on a Monday, you will have to ask which one is vegan.

Also sometimes Cupcake has vegan chili or sandwiches, it changes on the specials board.

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