LivinGood's Restaurant

Plattsburgh, New York

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Vegetarian-friendly restaurant

They offer many veggie options and will also substitute tempeh or tofu for many of their meat dishes. They also have a large selection of beers.

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This restaurant is listed as Vegan-friendly, which it is not. It does, to be fair, have a good selection of "vegetarian" items: meaning all veggie items come with cheese. Even after I told my waitress that my son and I didn't eat dairy, and even after we ordered his bean quesadilla without cheese, she did not think to inform me that my penne-pesto would be literally covered with grated cheese. I thought she was going to make me pay for it anyway, she wasn't the least bit apologetic, but she did go and get her manager who very reluctantly took it off my bill. In fact the manager actually did try to convince me to pay for it anyway and take it home with me to give to someone else! I explained we were camping and had come from an hour away because this restaurant had been reviewed as being "vegan-friendly." I just want to add that I found this particularily troubling since all I had ordered was penne with pesto sauce. It's not like the restaurant was going to be out a bunch of money over a plate of cooked noodles!

I'm giving this restaurant a very low rating because my entire experience there, from beginning to end, was extremely poor.

-When I first arrived I asked the hostess where I could find a "working ATM machine" (the one across the street was out of order). She sent me up the road, on foot, with three small kids and a baby, to a bank with No. Automatic. Teller. Of course it was after hours and the bank was also closed.

-When I came back (after finding my own ATM) I was seated in a booth with my four kids. My baby was literally crawling all over and under the table. I was not even offered a high chair After 20 minutes my 11 year-old son caught the waitresses attention and asked for one himself. There was nothing for the kids at all. No cup of crayons. No paper. The kids menu was bound in plastic and vinyl. They were very, very bored. Not a kid-friendly place at all.

-My 7 year-old asked for a chocolate milk. I said no, all the kids would have apple juice. The waitress broght them all apple juices, but then she also brought the chocolate milk! My 7 year-old was actually presented with *two* beverages... Even after I told my waitress that she had made a mistake, she still charged me for both drinks!

-Then there was the mistake with the cheese on my food...

Maybe my waitress was just confused because my three younger kids are not vegetarian at all, but my oldest son and myself are completely vegan. But there were just so many problems (including the fact that I did not get dinner0 that I feel this poor review is both accurate and fair.

Overall this place had lower than average service. The food was colourful, and it looked quite nice, but the flavour wasn't anything to get excited about.

A much better vegan (and vegetarian) friendly option would be Karma Indian Restaurant on the other side of town. I have never had so much as one problem over there and the food is much better.

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what can I say? i LOVE livingoods! it's one of the few restaurants in the plattsburgh area that offers a great selection of entrees for vegetarians. i usually get the sesame tofu salad (mesclun mix with sesame crusted tofu and wasabi). soooo good. other great options include the tempeh reuben and the fiesta wrap with tempeh. i've tried them all and they are fantastic! this is definitely the best vegetarian option in town!

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downtown Plattsburgh


$$ - average


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noon - 2pm;
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