The Present Moment Cafe

Saint Augustine, Florida


rating star

This restaurant is one of the best I've been to. We lived in New Jersey and dined at many wonderful vegan restaurants in New York over the years. Present Moment Cafe ranks right up there. The food is truly fantastic! The dishes are unique and interesting with textures and flavors that will satisfy all tastes. The soups are great, the deserts are excellent. We've even had a variety of desserts for dinner - the beauty of this food is that the desserts are just as healthy as the main courses! I highly recommend this restaurant. If animal flesh is not your religion and you have an open mind, you're sure to love it.

rating star

I have enjoyed some of the most wonderful meals ever at The Present Moment Cafe. I have taken raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians to this restaurant and it has been a hit every time! I highly recommend the Portabello Mushroom Croquettes over Zucchini Sketti. Yummm! And there's not a desert on the menu that I wouldn't recommend. Even if you have to make a drive, you've got to try The Present Moment Cafe!

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