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Update (July 2009):

I just went to Grezzo again last night and ended up loving the food even more than the first time that I went. The only two "weak" parts of my meal the first time that I went were the beverage (a sour-tasting kombucha) and my entree (as you can see below, I didn't like the raw zucchini). This time I had a "rootbeer float" to drink, which consisted of sasparilla-infused sake, crushed vanilla beans and coconut milk, served over ice. It was incredible! For my entree, I tried the BBQ pizzeta, which consisted of a dehydrated pizza crust, topped with homemade bbq sauce (carefully prepared over a wood fire to control the heat temperature), pineapples, and raw vegan feta. It was served with a jicama and raw blue cheese salad. My meal was nothing short of amazing. Accordingly, I have upgraded my rating from "4" to "5."

Original Review (August 2008):

I don't normally like "raw" foods (or anything that contains a lot of vegetables, for that matter), but I was really impressed with the cuisine at Grezzo.

The soups were by far my favorite part of the meal. The Summer Melon Stew consisted of a chilled watermelon base with mango, lavender and Thai "noodles" (strips of coconut "meat"). It was light and very refreshing. The Cream of Fennel soup was more savory, with the spice of the fennel balanced with the sweetness of honey tangerine.

Next, I tried the the Gnocchi Carbonara, which were tiny brown dumplings with a nutty taste, covered in "rawmesan cheese" and served with English peas and pea shoots. The faux cheese sauce was smooth and tangy, and the gnocchi themselves had a nice texture, but the flavor wasn't quite like the real thing.

For my entree, I decided to order the Spring Vegetable Napoleon, which consisted of layers of fresh and dehydrated vegetables and nut cheese, served over a raw pomodoro sauce. The pomodoro sauce was slightly spicy and complemented the flavors of the raw vegetables nicely. Most of the vegetables worked really well in the dish (the only exception being the zucchini, which I really can't stand when it's raw).

I had a slice of the raw cheesecake for dessert, which was absolutely delicious (but tasted nothing like cheesecake). It had a thick creamy texture and a sweet agave-nectar taste, with a crust of dates and ground nuts - a wonderful way to finish off a very innovative dinner.

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Totally amazing dishes here and wonderful atmosphere! Our favorites were the lobster thermidor, the calamari appetizer special and the brownie sundae for dessert. The waitstaff was super friendly and helpful.

My husband and I took our carnivore friend and we were nervous if raw vegan food was too out there for him. He ended up loving it!

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First impression always comes from th elook of the place, and Grezzo is adorable! The staff welcomes you in right away, and my friends and I were sat quickly. The place is somewhat "cozy," but for anyone who's ever eaten in this district, that is no surprise.

My friends and I decided to just order a la carte and share everything. I highly recommend both the appetisers - eat the sliders with your fingers, like a little sandwich, and don't share the gnocchi! Keep it all to yourself. The night I went they also had this amazing pepper trio, little baby bell peppers stuffed with nut cheeses. I love cheese in its every manifestation, so this was the dish for me.

We split our entrees too. We got the papaya steak, the sugar pumpkin ravioli and the lobster fettucini. While the fettuccini's saffron sauce was not my favourite thing (although my friends went wild for it), the teriyaki sauce with the papaya steak made up for it. This sauce is AMAZING, and paired with a sweet papaya it couldn't be better.

But seriously, if you ever come out to Grezzo and only try one thing, make it the desserts. I might be biased, as I have a mouth full of sweet teeth, but the desserts made me a life-long believer in Grezzo. MUST TRY: the rich brownie sundae (for chocolate lovers), the tropical fruit gelato (for fruit fanatics) and anything that comes with their lucuma caramel sauce on top (for lovers in general).

All in all, Grezzo was the most upscale and unique vegan dining experience I've had in Boston, and I'm saving my pennies so I can return there soon.

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