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The food here feels refreshing, tasty, and clean. It's pricey and their hours are terrible (I would have eaten there many times it they were open later than 7pm, though luckily they increased the number of days they are open until 7pm). Multiple times, I've tried to walk in around 6:40pm only to have the staff eye the clock and be hesitant to seat me. One or two servers are nice, but the others seem like they have other things they are doing and serving is an inconvenience.

I have found the wraps to be the best value as they come with a side.

However, I just tried their new menu and have a feeling they won't be open much longer. The prices have increased, portions decreased, and the favorite menu items of me and my friends have all disappeared. The salad with quinoa that I ordered was amazingly presented, but the price, presentation, and portion equaled that of an upscale restaurant like Millenium in San Francisco; it was not reflective of a small, casual cafe with limited hours and hippy decor (not a negative, just the only way to describe it).

No hummus is worth what they are charging. Their raw cheesecakes, etc., are good, but they are more expensive, smaller, and are not as impressive (presentation and taste) as those at Pomegranate Cafe.

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I have eaten here three times in the last three weeks - because it has great food with great flavor. I've had the Johnny Apple Wrap twice and the Zucchini Linguini Marinara. My guest and I shared a desert each time and it too was just great.

We had the chai iced tea. Yes, it was enjoyable too.

The service was prompt and accurate.

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I've been going to Chakra 4 for herbs since before they opened the cafe. Not surprisingly, the food is very high quality. Everything is really fresh and the portions are really big. Although they recently cut full wraps from the menu, I'm not sure why. I always had to take half home anyway, so I guess its ok. Either way, what used to be the half, and is now the only wrap, is still great. I usually get the Golden Hummus or the Cowgirl. And I always look forward to trying a different tea every time I go back. But if you are in a hurry on a work lunch, be careful, sometimes they get really busy at lunch and your wait can be longer than normal. But if you ask they will give you fair warning. Other than that, I love Chakra 4.

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This place is shockingly good. I've never seen anything like it. Aside from the huge herb store that's attached, there's a lot to see and experience just in the cafe. I got stuffed on the Morocan Nomad Stew which is served over quinoa, a very underutilized food in vegetarian cooking in my opinion. We also dove into one of Chakra 4's raw deserts which was a slice of chocolate ganash pie. Incredible. The service is great here as well. Very friendly, and a lot of fun. One of the managers gave me some sort of coconut cacao massage butter to give my wife a hand massage with right at the table. That put us both way over the edge. We'll be back here ASAP.

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My boyfriend & I visited Chakra's cafe on Valentine's day, Monday 2/14/11, around 1:30pm for a special lunch to celebrate our 6 years together. It was our first visit & we were looking forward to trying something different. We were immediately seated by the exit door by a young female hostess. She gave us our menus & told us the drink specials. After more than 5 minutes went by, an older female server finally came over to get our drink order. She didn't smile, she didn't say hi, she seemed like she was in a rush to get our order. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to split one of the iced tea specials while she was standing there. We went back & forth for probably 15 to 30 seconds & finally agreed to split one of the iced tea specials. The server rudely & rather bluntly told us that we would have to pay for two drinks if we intended to share the one. We were pretty peeved & ordered water instead.

She then proceeded to take our order. We decided to get individual orders as Chakra charges a split plate fee of $2 (we have been to vegan restaurants all over the world & not ONCE have we ever encountered a split plate fee). I went first, I ordered the Basil Pesto Foccacia. The server yelled across the room to the hostess to ask if they had foccacia. She replied "no." While I browsed the menu further, my boyfriend ordered the Paesan Picnic Plate & the server snapped "someone should have told you we don't have bread today" & stood there impatiently waiting for us to pick something else. She didn't say "I'm sorry" or offer any alternate recommendations. I said to my boyfriend "I don't like this" & that's when we just got up & walked out. We were really bothered by both the hostess & the server's attitudes - sort of a "better than you" attitude, in addition to showing no concept of valuing the customer.

After my experience, I posted a review on where I original found Chakra's listing. The same day, Nick (claiming to be a manager) responded rudely stating that there was no way my story was true. He said if I contacted him to give him more details, he would buy us lunch at Green (another area vegan restaurant). I contacted him directly via email with more details as he requested & he failed to respond. He also got to remove the review. In addition, I posted a comment on their Facebook page which they removed & never respond to. I thought they would have taken the time to talk with their servers & apologize to me as a valued customer after my review, but instead it is clear they would rather attack me & sweep me under the rug. Even's moderator Eric contacted me personally to say "It's obvious to us that this owner has issues, and since he was able to read your post it hopefully has served a purpose." Unfortunately, I don't think the review served it's purpose as I'm now being ignored by this Nick person.

Chakra failed us as customers that day & to make things worse, they have been exceedingly rude since. We could have dealt with the unavailability of bread & drinking water instead of splitting a meal & tea like we wanted to, but it was the attitudes of the servers that ultimately led us to walk out the door. Now it is the attitude of the manager that has led me to review the business with the BBB & on other web sites.

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Excellent! Some might think the fare in this casual cafe is pricey, however, the food is so fresh and wonderful. Everything's organic, local ingredients are used when available, and the dishes are creative and carefully prepared. To me that's worth paying a little extra. I've loved every salad and wrap I've had so far and the portions are generous. They have a great nut "cheese" that you can sub to make a dish vegan. And if they have the vegan chocolate pie, you must get it. It is insanely delicious!

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After visiting the latest vegetarian restaurant in the Valley of the Sun, I feel compelled to write about my dining experience. I went to Chakra 4 on a whim, previously holding out because I knew the prices were rather steep. But, finally, I gave in one night because my dining partner didn't want to go to the Vegetarian House because "it (i.e., the food) takes too long." And while we did enjoy the ambiance of the dimly lit room, as well as the taste of our food, we both felt that Chakra 4 is doing very little to advance the world of vegetarian cuisine. There is so much they could be doing with vegetarian ingredients, but instead they've limited their menu to pricey hummus, wraps, and salads. For example, I had the hummus platter consisting of a dollop of regular hummus (aka "golden") and a dollop of black bean hummus. This comes with some crackers (aka "bread") and some veggies. Again, while this tasted fine, my wallet took a nice hit to the the tune of $18 (including tax and tip). Now I don't know about you, but for $18 I think there could be a little more creativity poured into the menu. I'm not sure who conjured up this rather plain and boring menu, but that is what is a little disappointing about this venue. And while it's nice to have another vegetarian restaurant (albeit a cheese-laden one at that) in town, I can't help but feel I won't be going back here unless the menu undergoes some rather extensive revisions.

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