The Breadfruit

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona

Closed as of Jan 16 10

108 E. Pierce St
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Vegan-friendly Jamaican cuisine and Vibe making waves in the heart of central Phoenix

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

The Breadfruit features Jamaican food that is Vegan-friendly! The owners pride themselves on freshly-made, natural and organic food that isn't deep-fried, microwaved, or canned; just as if you were living the simple life on the island itself!

Vegan entrees are clearly marked and include:
-Pop Cho & Sweet Ginger (bok choy veggie dish with garlic mashed sweet potatoes and sweet plantains)
-Coconut Curried Tofu (with rice and peas, sweet plantains, and coconut steamed veggies)
-The Saturday Evening Soup (seasonal and usually vegan)
*-House Tropical Salad (with a house made orange zest and ginger poppy seed vinaigrette)*dressing contains honey

Most starters and sides are Vegan (spinach pattie has beef stock):
-Plantain Avocado Spring Rolls (with ital coleslaw and mango chutney)
-Oven Roasted Plantains
-Rice and Peas (basmati rice and red kidney beans)
-Roasted Corn on the Cobb (steamed in coconut milk and thyme)
-Coconut Steamed Veggies (cabbage, red and green bell pepper steamed in coconut milk and thyme)
-Ital Coleslaw (tossed in a rice wine vinaigrette)
-Dumpling and Banana (with vegan curry sauce)
-Festivals (sweet cornmeal based baked bread)

And for dessert:
-Ginger Sweet Potato Pudd'n (Jamaican sweet potatoes, ginger, raisins, and nutmeg topped with coconut)

All beverages are Vegan but the Mango Lemonade contains honey.

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Coconut curry tofu was sooo good. Never tried plaintains before but some came on the side and turns out I like 'em! Rice and peas were included too. The Breadfruit is close to the stadium so if you want to fuel up before a Diamondbacks game, this is the place to go. Only thing I didn't like was the how when we first came in, the waiter was very friendly and helpful telling us about the unique beverages they offer but his attitude seemed to sour after we just ordered water. The drinks looked great but we just needed hydration, sorry guy.

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I found “The Breadfruit” very nice indeed. The food is made in a healthful way and tastes great. They said they try to maintain the closeness of food as close to nature as possible - they don’t fry, don’t microwave etc. Their vegetarian/ vegan entrees are not purposely made vegetarian, but are original vegetarian Jamaican dishes. I enjoyed their Pop Cho & Sweet Ginger and their Sweet Potato pie. Tastefully prepared and presented. Great ambience too.

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North of Downtown


Located on Pierce St (3 blocks south of Roosevelt) and 1 block east of Central Ave (between 1st and 2nd St), just north of downtown Phoenix.


Wheelchair Accessible


$$ - average


  • MasterCard Visa


  • Caribbean


  • (Mostly) Organic
  • Live Music
  • Outdoor Seating


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11am - 2pm;
5pm - 9pm
11am - 2pm;
5pm - 10pm
noon - 10pm

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