Bliss Cafe and Chocolates

Sedona, Arizona


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A friend took a class there. These guys are tripping. Before they were allowed to enter the raw food class, the owners made them sign a four page legal document where they could photograph and videotape them and use their image for any type of promotion they wanted without any type of compensation. Then they also made them sign a document where you can't use their recipes if you wanted to start any type of raw food business within 500 miles of them or they would sue you. Of course they don't tell you this until you get to their class. And the recipes aren't even original. They got them our of several books that they sell there. Something is askew here. This place seems to be on a high horse with a lot of egomaniac swagger. Too bad. I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to go through a lot of their b.s.

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The food is pretty good. The service from the waiters, excellent, but the woman who owns the place is rather rude, not very patient with customers which kind of ruins the vibe.

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I fell in love with the place and the food. The atmosphere is very tranquil and seems to fit perfectly into Sedona. The staff was very friendly and food was simply amazing. I do not think there was not one thing I tried on the menu or ate some off of my gf's plate. If you are into raw foods or just eating healthy this place provides an immense amount of options.

I am also a huge fan of chocolate and they made some of the best cacao drinks I have had outside of my own blender.

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