Luna Rossa Wine Bar

Stillwater, Minnesota


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I hosted my sister's bachelorette party here and had a fantastic experience. I did call in advance to arrange and let them know at that time that I would be needing a vegan meal and they said it would be no problem. When we arrived I told our server that I had arranged a vegan meal. He was not aware, but had no trouble accommodating my request. He asked what my preferences were and brought me a beautiful, delicious, and filling meal. Would highly recommend this restaurant for your next small private event.

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Husband and I thought it would be nice to get out of the city for our anniversary dinner. What were we thinking? Luna Rossi host sat us at a dirty table and walked away. My H called him back politely to wipe it down. The kid was very nice and apologetic but sprayed my H twice and left a big wet spot on the table. The menus were handed to us and I saw the typical cheese filled pasta dishes available. Usually at a traditional restaurant with those types of prices when it is mentioned to the wait staff that one is vegetarian he or she will creatively offer suggestions, perhaps offer to speak with the kitchen. Our server simply replied "We'll I don't now what to tell you about that." It came across as flippant and as though she was saying "it's your fault for being vegetarian."
Then she said "I mean we have fettuccini alfredo." Thanks. I can and have read the menu.
So I started asking about the soup and risottos. Not vegetarian. We left. Without ordering.
This place is not very vegetarian friendly at all. It seemed unclean and the wait staff was almost useless.
Moral: Minneapolis and Saint Paul have the best restaurants in the area. Never forget.

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Ate here this past weekend (July 2011). Waitress was not sure if the pasta was vegan, but suggested I order rissoto. They made a dish of rissoto, red sauce, olives and vegetables that was pretty good. It was a really big serving. I also ordered the side house salad (minus croutons, and made my own dressing using there balsamic vinegar and olive oil). The salad had about 2 cups of romaine lettuce, one tiny tomato, a one-inch strip of red pepper, and one-inch strip of green pepper, and a tiny slice of cucumber that was so dried up I could not eat it. I suggest asking for additional veggies if you go for any salads here. They were very nice to work with however. They also offer a cave tour which was fun.

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This is a medium to upscale Italian restaurant on the main drag in Stillwater. The town doesn't have many vegan-friendly options, but Luna Rossa at least has a large pasta menu, and a "pasta bar" option at lunch, where one can select a type of pasta and the sauces and vegetables you want to go with it.

NOTE: if you're vegan, make sure to tell them NOT to put any parmesan cheese on the dish (otherwise they do this automatically).

The food is reasonably tasty and the place has nice atmosphere and good prices (the pasta bar option was only $8 for a decent-sized portion). If not for Luna Rossa, we might have ended up eating salads at a steak and potatoes tavern or pub. That's a sure way to spoil your day trip to quaint Stillwater.

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