Ginza, Tokyo


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location location location
fantastic ambience and service
good quality food. great chapatis
buffet - great value, dinner - expensive
surely among the top resturants in Asia

have been visiting JP every other month for the past 2 yrs...wish I had known this place earlier.

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rating star

Very good food but WAY overpriced. I would give the food a 10, but you can get food that's nearly as good for a fraction of the price. Their lentil and garlic soup is delicious, as is their chana masala and tofu/veggie curry. I also had the pumpkin pudding, which was good, but not great.

The restaurant is beautiful but it was really frustrating to be in the "non-smoking" section and be sitting 10 feet from a bunch of smokers.

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rating star

Given the price, I think I would've expected even better and/or more food, but it's quite good. I think I'm spoiled by places in the US like Udupi, which costs half as much and is just as good.

The staff were very helpful in making sure everything in our set meal was vegan, which we really appreciated. This place is definitely worth a visit, but it quite pricey.

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