Franklin Street Bakery

Twin Cities, Minnesota


rating star

Although they do have one vegan option, there is little that is amazing about this store, save the pastries and other sweets and savories. They're quite good, and made fresh! (There's usually a vegetarian pizza or focaccia, and always a vegetarian sandwich.) Unfortunately the breads are almost all frozen, and then thawed the night before, having been made in days prior by the wholesale workers. The employees will tell you that the bread is fresh, but that's rarely the case.

rating star

I would give this place a much higher rating if they had more vegan options! The Chocolate Muffin is to-die-for, but it has been the only vegan option every time I've gone. It's nice to know chances are good they'll always have the really good chocolate muffin - but I'd like to see what other bits of vegan heaven they could whip up if they had a little more vegan-mojo.

rating star

I had both the vegan pastry selections available that day, a chocolate muffin and a chocolate cupcake, and they were delicious. The other people I was with had an assortment of non-vegan items that were reportedly fantastic as well.

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