Gopher Express West

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Gopher Express West seems to have more vegan options than the Coffman Gopher Express, though they don't have as much by way of frozen items. Lots of Holy Land products, more well-stocked than its East Bank counterpart. I really love that this Gopher Express started selling almond milk single servings -- great alternative to soymilk.

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After the renovations, Gopher Express West opened with a whole new range of veg food! They carry a ton of vegan and vegetarian stuff, including the newly added Holy Land products. They are cheap, filling and yummy. They also carry ABC cookies (which are absolutely fantastic -- you must try them!) and veggie jerky, both displayed at eye level in great locations. The vegan food they carry is carefully chosen (they carry some of the best products around), reasonably priced, fresh, well advertised, and well displayed. Gopher Express and Gopher Express West should be regarded as role models for other campus stores across the country.

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The Gopher Express West Bank just re-opened this semester and it's great! For one it's way more bright and cheery than it used to be. But most importantly they now have vegetarian and vegan food like Gopher Express East Bank. Not sure if it's an identical selection but I was impressed how much space they devoted to healthy & veg-friendly food since it is just small campus store (the type of place I would usually expect to see only Peperoni flavor Combos and Snickers bars.) When I was in Gopher Express West this week they had Amy's burritos and pockets, Annie Chun's noodle kits, Thai Ktichen, Holy Land, Silk soy milks + shakes + smoothies + yogurts, lots of dried fruit, lots of energy bars, veggie jerky, etc. You could definitely grab food for a good veg lunch there. In fact I did that twice this past week.

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