Babe's Ice Cream

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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We've been to Babe's a few times and just love their selection of Vegan treats. Ice Cream Cones, Shakes, Cookies and Cakes... they have it all. Even better, you can add a number of items to your dessert like pieces of brownies, oreos, peanut butter, cookies and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Staff is friendly, but it does get busy on a hot day so get there early!

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ICE CREAM!! Babe's is a must for summer snacking. I lived around the corner from there when I was pregnant, and definitely had my fill of the vegan brownie sundaes! They even have vegan caramel sauce!! And cookie ice cream sandwiches! If you're unsure about what vegan treats they can make you, don't hesitate to ask. Sundaes, shakes, floats.. mmmm..

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Babes carries great soy icecream and offers vegan waffle cones, Babes also carries vegan brownies from east side ovens in Bayview.

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The espresso soy oreo ice cream is amazing. None of their cones are vegan, but it is still worth a trip.

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It made me very happy when they had normal soy oreo. The soy expresso oreo is good don't get me wrong, but since I have no acquired taste for coffee I prefer the vanilla flavor with oreos. Very awesome. And indulging in soy ice cream is needed every once in awhile, but so is indulging in pizza. Babe's is located down the road from Classic Slice and Transfer Pizza. So eating good pizza and soy ice cream in the same trip will be sure to make you smile. Last time I went to Babe's I was talking to the owner who is very nice, about how awesome it would be if they offered vegan brownie sundaes. She legitimately agreed so we'll see if in the future Babe's will offer them. :D.

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Very friendly, will give you samples and they have about 4-5 soy ice creams at a time that they rotate out. Nothing you can't buy at the grocery store though... and personally i'd rather have a pint of coconut ice cream instead.

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I just flew into Milwaukee yesterday, and am very happy that Babe's just re-opened from the winter close today, just in time for me to indulge. Unfortunately, The Chocolate Shop in Madison was out of vegan ice cream (increasing demand) so Babe's wasn't able to receive their usual soy ice cream shipment. However, they did have a lemon and raspberry Italian ice swirl that's vegan and DELICIOUS.

I spent a fair amount of time speaking with the owners and their families, which were hanging out in the store, and they were exceedingly nice. One of the kids even attends the same Spanish Immersion elementary school I attended, and that just made my day. They were telling me how committed they are to providing soy ice cream because the see the demand, and after I told them about Chicago Soy Dairy and Temptation vegan ice cream, they said they'd look into it to see if Temptation would allow them to offer more flavors, more consistently.

10-24-08 review
This is the first place I've seen in Milwaukee that has vegan ice cream on hand that doesn't come out of a Tofutti tub. I had the soy mint chocolate chip and the soy blue moon and both were outstanding. I was particulary happy about the blue moon, as I haven't had it since I was 10 years old.

I just realized, however, that just because it's soy doesn't mean that it's vegan. I was referring to it as vegan because soy ice cream is usually vegan, but you may want to ask to see the package when you're in there.

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