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Stockholm, Sweden


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I have been a regular customer at Omi Foods since 2006. One of my favorite things is tofu and soymilk from the brand Yi-Pin. I like it because they use ecological soybeans to produce tofu. Combined with the low prices, it really is great value for money.

I have tried many other brands as well, another of my favorites is tofu by Taifun. They offer very exotic tastes.

For all the ecological lovers, I would recommend you to check out . Hope this little advice will make your daily food planning a bit easier!


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Some of the other Asian groceries in the area are cheaper, but Omi has the largest selection, I believe.

Omi does have the cheapest tofu, though - a 600 gram block for 14 kronor. They also have 400 gram blocks for the same price which, despite their professional looking packaging, are made in house. The hard style is the firmest tofu I've ever eaten, which is nice for some dishes and is worth a try. You can't miss it - if you attempt to buy any other kind of tofu the staff will try to talk you into getting the homemade stuff instead.

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