Pure and Natural

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Great soups (liked them all so far) and the warm bread on the side. Batatas and Yuca are prepared very well! They were served with the Serenata de Bacalao (cod salad) which is a typical Friday lunch in PR, also try the gandures/gandules soup. In my case the downside has been that twice I have been charged more (finding out with my statement) than what I wrote on the Visa slip.

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Pure & Natural is a beautiful restaurant and has a good amount of vegan selections but I wasn't especially impressed with the food itself.

I ordered the eggplant lasagna dish without the cheese and it was pretty good but not great. I think a lot of the flavor in the dish would have come from the cheese (boo). I was glad that it came with brown rice instead of the white rice I'd seen in most other restaurants, and the salad came with a great dressing. I tried my friend's falalfel, and it had a good flavor but it wasn't the authentic falafel that I'm used to in NYC. It was nice and moist, but tasted like it was pan fried instead of deep fried, and although we asked for it on a pita, it came on whole wheat bread, which made it even more awkward. It also had very little tahini dressing, which would have improved the sandwich.

The location is in expensive Condado, which is a very expensive area, but Pure and Natural isn't overly expensive itself. However, it offers no authentic Puerto Rican food and the entire menu appears in English (which is a turn-off for folks like me who want authentic PR food).

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AWESOME! I can't believe we didn't find this place until our last day in PR after two bloody years. Argh! Anyway, the sandwiches are awesome on fresh bread. The falafel was best. The banana peanut butter smoothie was rockin'.

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Pure and Natural was an excellent find on our last day in Puerto Rico recommended to us by the concierge at the hotel.

We enjoyed tasty fresh squeezed juices with our meals. I had an excellent falafel pita with hummus. The falafel had a crispy shell and moist inside. The pita was flavorful and very fresh.

For desert we enjoyed a refreshing banana soy milk smoothie.

A definate must if you are in the San Juan area.

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