New Harmony Kosher-Vegan Restaurant

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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Great service. We had the dim sum special. The food just kept coming out until we said stop. All for $12 a person. Everything was amazing. Fresh soymilk made in the restaurant. Fried bananas and coconut triangles. So much vegan food, it must be heaven. In Chinatown.

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tons of food options, helpful staff, delicious food, amazing service, and very well priced.

they also have monthly-ish all you can eat buffets, which are awesome; and a great way to try new dishes.

you can't go wrong with any of the "special dinners" (spring roll, entree, bowl of soup for $12). both the hot & sour and wonton soups are amazing (as are the others), and all of the listed special dinner entrees are nothing short of delicious.

if you're not sure what to get, the staff is very helpful in steering you in the right direction.

IMO, this is the best restaurant around, period.

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I went here late on a Saturday night after spending a long day working in the rain. The lights were low, and the (fake?) plant decor was a nice touch. Our group was happy to see that the menu was certified kosher/vegan, and two of us ordered the all-you-can-eat dim sum. This was my first dim sum experience, so the server offered to bring out popular dishes at first, then we could pick what we wanted more of.

I really enjoyed the hot and sour soup; it wasn't too thick, and the heat was just right. The spring rolls were a bit oily, but the taste was spot on. The sesame chicken was completely covered in sesame seeds, which really added to the flavor. The dumplings weren't my thing, and I didn't try the fried bananas, but my friend really liked them both. I could eat the steamed veggies and scallion pancakes every day, and found the taro cakes to be fun to eat. They stick to the roof of your mouth and have a flan-like appearance.

The service was excellent; the server was helpful with our "whoa! what's in this?" questions and I never ran out of water (a big deal for me, since I drink 1.5-2 gallons each day).

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This place is fabulous. The food is the same as at Kingdom (same owner), but for some reason, I enjoyed the food more. I also felt the service was exceptional (although Kingdom's service is also great).

I tried a number of items for dim sum, but my favorites were the pan fried turnip cakes, the fried taro balls, and the steamed veggie buns.

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been here a few times and have never been disappointed. the wonton soup is the greatest I've ever had; the eggplant dish is delicious; and definitely try the fried bananas and the pork buns, they're both wonderful. plus, everything is pretty cheap to boot.

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Food is so good here. The people are really nice. I have never had anything from here that I do not like. Highly recommended!

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great food! great service! a very nice friendly owner. My favorite veggie place in chinatown. My name is Morty McNutt and that is all I have to say!

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Ironically, New Harmony and Kingdom are owned by the same person (Ming) so it's no surprise people think they are tied for best restaurant! It's definitely delicious!

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I agree with Cynthia. Tie with the Kingdom for tops. Actually, on a recent trip to Harmony, I had the sesame chicken(fake). It was superb, even better than the Kingdom.

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Recently bought by Kingdom of the Vegetarians, Kingdom & New Harmony tie for my favorite restaurant ever. Their Dim Sum menu is great. They have fake meats that even my carnivore friends like. Some of my favorites are the Beef in Black Bean Sauce on Sizzling Platter, Beef Chow Fun, and Spicy Eggplant. The taro cakes are also incredible. The people who run it are really friendly, it's cheap, and you get tons of food.

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