Souley Vegan

East Bay, California

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Vegan soul food

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Vegan soul food. Serves brunch on Sundays.

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My family and I had a wonderful time at Souley Vegan a couple days ago. The mashed potatoes & gravy were absolutely perfect and a great example of how a vegan dish can be as good or better than its dairy- or meat-containing counterpart. The mac & cheeze is made with thick, flat noodle pieces and really hit the spot. I wanted to try the biscuits & gravy, but made myself order the lentil dish and a green salad just to eat something that wasn't completely unhealthy (although the lentils were still plenty salty). Sadly, my stomach ran out of room before we got to dessert.

This restaurant is homey and cute, and the employees were very friendly and quick to explain the service system (you order and pay at the host station, and then they bring your food to your table).

Not sure when I'll make it back to Oakland, but hopefully another opportunity to eat at Souley Vegan will present itself!

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I've eaten a lot of vegan soul food and I don't get all the hype around Souley Vegan. It's not that great. I think this is another example of "it's a vegan restaurant in the Bay Area and therefore must be better than a vegan restaurant elsewhere." A false sense of Bay Area superiority, in other words.

Those of you who have been to Soul Vegetarian in Chicago will know what I'm talking about.

In any case, I came here for brunch and got their three-combo choice for $10. I ordered tofu scramble, pancakes, and biscuits and gravy.

The tofu scramble was above average. I've had a lot of tofu scrambles in my day, and I'm always disappointed, but this one was actually serviceable: it was savory, colorful and nicely spiced.

The pancakes, on the other hand, were middling. They were just a shade dry and also slightly mealy. They did not impress, to say the least.

Lastly, the biscuits and gravy were passable. The biscuit was more like an airy dough-ball, rather than a flaky, thick, true biscuit, which disappointed me; the gravy tasted okay, but the gravy could have been much better with the addition of some diced tomatoes and mushrooms.

Portion sizes are large. For $10 this is a pretty decent value.

A cup of tea or coffee costs $1, which is a reasonable rate, but the cups are small and the refills don't appear to be unlimited. I would prefer and bottomless cup for $2, which creates a convivial spirit.

This is a pretty good spot for groups of 4 or more as there's plenty of space in the front and back but, on the other hand, I wouldn't call this place a cozy hipster hangout either.

The service is friendly and knowledgeable.

It's possible that Souley Vegan's brunch menu isn't up to the quality of its separate lunch menu (the lunch menu isn't available on the weekends). But based on what I saw at brunch, I wouldn't have high hopes for the regular menu.

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