Clicquot Club Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I love the atmosphere, the local neighbors are friendly and smiley, and the food and coffee are one of the best in town! I used to go there when I had the time between the classes at my old high school. If you come enough the staff know your order already.

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Vegetarian and vegan friendly options. I have only been here once but it was a good experience. I had the portabello-pesto panino, which is vegan and delish. Other options looked good as well.

Great atmosphere and staff. The outdoor garden is especially nice, a great place to take your meal.

A few things:

if you are not vegan and are going for the pizza, don't, they have temporarily stopped serving it- but the menu said they were trying to get it back on.

if you are vegan and get a side salad, cheese comes on it if you don't ask for it to be omitted.

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