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Boston, Massachusetts


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Vej Naturals makes some of the best vegan food I've had in the Boston area. It's a little out of the way, but it's definitely worth the trip. The restaurant is very small and has a tiny parking lot, but when I went the place wasn't very busy so we were able to park right in front and there was no wait.

The food can best be described as healthy comfort food. I decided to try the Caesar salad as an appetizer, and it was one of the best vegan Caesar salad that I have ever had (not to mention the fact that it was huge and only $6!). For our entree, my friend and I split the Mole Our Way (tofu layered with polenta, covered in mole sauce and served over a bed of vegetables) and the Teriyaki Seitan. Both were very satisfying, albeit not terribly creative.

There were two desserts available on the night that I visited: chocolate chip cookies and lemon cake covered with "cream" and blueberries. I especially loved the tofu "cream," which had a smooth texture and was not overly sweet, so it complemented the blueberries and lemon cake nicely.

I think that Vej Naturals has a lot of potential. I'm hoping that after they build a solid customer base, they will be able to expand to a slightly larger restaurant. Right now, the kitchen and the dining tables are all in the same room, so I ended up listening to all of the conversations between the waitress and the chef and (I'm sure) they ended up listening to all of my conversations as well. The intimacy of the dining experience wasn't necessarily bad, it just made things a little awkward at times.

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This restaurant is my favorite vegan restaurant, the food is delicious and healthy. The best parts of the menu are the more creative dinner entrees, the french toast on the Sunday Brunch menu, lunch sandwiches, soups and desserts.

The best entrees on the dinner menu that I've tried are Butternut Bliss, Moroccan stuffed eggplant (Ras el Hanout) and Moqueca (Brazilian Tofu, greens, rice and sweet potatoes or plantain). The flavors are wonderful, complex and subtle, without being too hot or spicy. The Seitan Picadillo was super yummy and the addition of raisins added a nice sweetness to the appetizer. The "american-style" dishes that imitate their non-vegan counterparts such as the nachos, lasagna and barbecue platter are good but not as good IMO as the dishes with more international flavors.

The desserts are amazing. They use agave to sweeten some of their desserts which is great if you are trying to avoid sugar crashes.

To sum up, this is a gem of a little restaurant with a eclectic and creative menu. The food here is probably the best vegan food in Boston.

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Amazing organic vegan and some raw food!
Great smoothies!
Super friendly service!
Highly recommended!

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