Mango Thai

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This small restaurant is conveniently located near the Mississippi market co-op. The decor and atmosphere were pleasant. The service was quick and friendly. The food, however, was not impressive. They do not have a vegetarian section in the menu (nor is anything clearly marked). I asked the server if I could sub tofu on most of the items and he said yes. I ordered the Pad Thai with tofu. It was good and filling, but something in the flavor wasn't quite right it seemed a little too sweet for my taste. The hot jasmine tea was excellent. I left a Compassion Over Killing "restaurant manager card" and a rather large tip.

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Given the previous reviews, I went here with high hopes. While Mango Thai's in a great location near Cathedral Hill, and have hip decoration and sophisticated utensils and flatware, along with bistro-lounge music playing, I was not pleased with the food options for vegans.

I asked for a green curry with tofu, without fish sauce, but my waitress told me that fish sauce is pre-mixed in the curry paste. This was disappointing because a) green curry is my gauge-dish to see how good a Thai restaurant is; b) they were not willing to make the curry for me without fish sauce, which suggests they aren't so accommodating to vegetarians/vegans; and c) no Thai restaurant that is worth its name should be using pre-mixed and stock ingredients. Thai food is all about freshness and simple improvisation, which suggests that Mango Thai is cutting vital corners.

I ended up with a Pad Kee Mao (basil stir fry with flat rice noodles), but make sure to order it without eggs if you're vegan. The dish itself was decent, but nothing special.

Prices are reasonable for the quantity of food. The service was friendly, though a bit slow. This is a good place to take a date. But overall, I was disturbed that a Thai restaurant could be so vegan un-friendly.

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YUM!!! This place rocks. I had the mango spring rolls with tofu and the basil dish with tofu. Both were excellent. Their peanut sauce is divine. I also tried the tofu satay (AWESOME!), the papaya salad and the ginger tofu, and they were all tasty as well. I will be going back very soon!

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We visited this restaurant on their 4th day of business. My dining companion and I were quite impressed with everything! The presentation, the freshness of their ingredients, the decor, the was all great*. They make all their food to order, so special requests can be honored. They don't have a vegetarian spring roll listed on their menu, but they were happy to make some for us. Definitely get these when you're there!
We also had tofu satay which was delicious and indulgent. I had the laab salad with tofu for my main entree and my dining companion had the Massamun curry. We were both very pleased with all of our selections. Our server was kind and attentive (however, we were the only ones in the restaurant!). I'd like to see this restaurant succeed, especially since it's in my neighborhood.

*The only downfall is that they do not have mock duck - only tofu.

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