Dino's Gyros

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I was pleasantly surprised by this place. I was in the area, and became HUNGRY - and needed food immediately. Popped into Dino's & ordered the Falafel Sandwich. It came on a soft, fluffy pita with veggies & Tzatziki sauce; but since I don't eat dairy, I subbed the Tzatziki for creamy, flavorful hummus. The falafel wasn't the best in the world (duh), but it was surprisingly tasty, and the whole sandwich hit the spot. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, but I'd stop in again in a pinch.

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Dino's Gyros is a nice alternative to the other fast food chain options. They have a hummus wrap which is hummus, tomatoes, onions and lettuce in a pita with Dino's dressing which is vegan. There is also a falafel sandwich, be sure to order with no cucumber/tzatziki sauce if you're vegan.

I tend to order the hummus wrap with a side of falafel, and/or some fries. They offer beer in addition to the usual soft drink selection.

It's not the most awesome food, and there are a TON of local, Mom and Pop operations around town that make really great falafel, but I go to Dino's once in a while because it's much closer to my house.

As a side note, Dino's always has a stand operating at the MN State Fair, which makes any falafel and hummus a real treat in the land of deep fried meat on a stick.

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