Giulia's Italian Ice Cream and Gourmet Popcorn, Etc.

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Nov 20 08

413 14th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 331-9991


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Ice cream, gelato, and popcorn.

Giulia's has ice cream, gelato, and a wall of gourmet popcorn. She makes her own ice cream and gelato so the flavors vary on what she has made that day. Her fruit flavors are vegan and she said she typically carries 5-6 vegan flavors, although the Monday night I stopped in she had been cleared out of certain flavors over the weekend. There are toppings such as fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and candies to add to your selection, which can be ordered in a cone or a cup.

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This place is great! I talked to the owner, and, like the other reviewer said, she informed me that she typically keeps 5-7 dairy-free flavors. In addition, they also serve veggie hot dogs. I definitely recommend it.

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I stopped in today with a friend who wanted ice cream and was surprised to find Giulia had many vegan options. Today they were pineapple, coconut, kiwi, and mango, although she said she typically carries 5 or 6 vegan varieties. She told me she was making some green apple for later tonight, and that she also frequently has pomegranate and other flavors that are vegan. She said she makes her fruit flavors dairy free because she has many lactose intolerant customers, making this a great place for both vegans and vegetarians! I sampled the coconut, mango, and kiwi and settled on a scoop each of coconut and kiwi. The coconut was sweet and delicate and the kiwi was a little tart and very refreshing. I will definitely be back to try out other flavors!

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