Bueno Y Sano

Northhampton, Massachusetts


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Has plenty of tasty (and affordable!) tofu and seitan options, including some really unique ones like BBQ and teriyaki burritos. All meals are made to order, so you can omit the dairy if you're vegan, or sub tofu or seitan for meat in non-vegetarian dishes. Be advised that like most Mexican places, practically everything has cheese, so vegans will need to be careful about that; it's a good idea to mention that you're vegan when ordering. Overall, this is a great place for anyone, veggie or not, to pick up a cheap, good meal.

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Food was OK. Atmosphere and service is "fast food". None of the staff spoke English very well. Asking about the content of the food may not result in accurate communication.

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I was very excited to learn that Bueno Y Sano has a seitan "steak" burrito. Usually, when restaurants try to make a vegetarian burrito, they put tofu on it and the texture is all wrong. The seitan "steak" burrito at Bueno Y Sano was very meaty and satisfying. I was also impressed that the daily special on the day that I visited was a BBQ seitan burrito.

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