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I'm more familiar with their breakfast menu than their lunch offerings. The breakfast menu has a good number of quirky vegan offerings. I'm not a big fan of their grilled tofu--big, bland slabs of barely grilled tofu. None of their vegan offerings are really exceptional.

Staff is great. Very casual atmosphere. Often busy and getting seating at prime breakfast time can sometimes be a challenge.

They sometimes have tasty vegan baked goods to go. Their coffee isn't wonderful, though it is self-serve. Ordering tea usually results in slow service.

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Green Bean is a new restaurant in Northampton. In spite of the fact that it is not an explicitly "vegetarian" restaurant, Green Bean has a decent number of vegan offerings on the menu. There are tofu scramble dishes (served with vegan sausage), vegan cornmeal pancakes (served with fresh maple syrup and soy margarine), a tempeh reuben sandwich and Korean tempeh bim bop (just to name a few of the menu highlights). I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the baked goods were vegan as well. I found that the cornmeal pancakes were a little crisp around the edges but the dairy-free chocolate cupcake was moist and delicious.

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