MOM's Organic Market

Rockville, Maryland


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I was super impressed with this store! They had everything I could possibly wish for! In addition to all the usual items you find in a grocery store (most of which are organic), they have a lot of hard-to-find stuff, like vegan marshmallows, 8 kinds (!) of Sheese (the awesome awesome vegan cheese), unusual tofus, all sorts of yummy snacks, and soy milks, herbal teas and chocolate I haven't seen anywhere else, etc. And they had a huge variety of products!! I doubt there is something you want that they don't have. They also had a lot of samples which was really nice. I was also very impressed with their produce section: very fresh and yummy. The only disadvantage is that it's not on the metro line; I really wish it was.

I've been dreaming about this grocery store ever since I've been there a few days ago. It's really great.

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