Thai Basil

Denver, Colorado


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Beth B is correct, this is not authentic Thai. That is because the owners are Chinese(not Thai). I know this, because they have an Taiwanese-Mandarin accent.

However, the food is fantastic. It has some of the familiar Chinese dishes, some great Thai, and new creations all their own. I lived a block away from the restaurant for a year and hit it up, on average, once a week.

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Thai Basil is one of my favorite restaurants. They have many delicious tofu dishes, which come with abundant rice and veggies. Tofu can replace meat in most entrees.

The food quality varies a bit, but is never very bad. (For example, if you order in on a busy night, the sauce might be a bit watered-down.)

Delivery is ridiculously fast, when you order in. Service is always kind and as quick as possible.

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THIS IS NOT AUTHENTIC THAI. It is extremely Americanized. This means, when you ask for 'Crazy Authentic Spicy' you get just a mild warmth. This means every dish is coated in some sort of sugary glaze. This is typical of Thai restaurants, as they often cater to American palates by adding extra sugar.We had three dishes, ALL OF WHICH WE HAD TO REQUEST THEY DID NOT PUT OYSTER SAUCE IN even though they were in the 'Veggie' section. Every dish we had was liberally doused in sugary sauce that tasted the same!!! On the bright side, there were lots of veggies in the dishes themselves, which is always nice to see.

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The food was excellant, the atmosphere is eclectic & warm. It did take a little longer than expected for our food to be delivered, but was well worth the wait. The menu was extensive from the usual pad thai to uncommon thai dishes.

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Hip place, popular and has nice furniture. The best Thai food I've had, I think because it has a Chinese influence.

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